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Originally Posted by The Doctor
nah it was pretty small and broken, i'll wait till the next one.

and the regalis just snatched the grasshopper. just when i wasnt looking for a second, haha. Anyway, i feed her 2 big grasshopper (2 inches long) a week and the vagans gets 3 small crickets. i was wondering if i should get those vitaminpowders for extra nutrients though.

ahh that sucks..i hate when that happens. oh well, it will be that much easier with a larger exuvium.

no..they won't do any good..the best way to give the spider extra nutrients is to gut-load the feeders. spiders don't eat the exoskeleton of the feeders, so all the powder on the outside would likely be shaken off or just remain in that ball of remains. i guess some MIGHT be taken in..but there are a bunch of fine hairs surrounding the mouth that could filter the powder out.

you can feed the prey items anything really. i buy these orange cube things for crickets from a company called flukers. not cheap as other alternatives..but the jar lasts a while. some people just feed the crickets/roaches/etc. fruit..they love it, and it will provide the spider with all the nutrients once it eats the cricket.

i'm not exactly sure how much is known in regards to what nutrients in particular benefit spiders maybe even a varied diety of fruit and vegetables would be best?

anyone know anything that contributes to cuticle growth?? maybe thats a good question for the science thread.

having said all that..there are many who just feed their crickets crushed dog food(very cheap! and has plenty of nutrients) and some that don't feed their crickets anything..just right to the spiders. their spiders do just fine with that..but i would think gut-loading them with good food certainly can't hurt.
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