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Originally Posted by The Doctor
haha, aggresive spiders galore!

about the jumpers, how long does it take for the sack to hatch? and how does the spider behave during 'pregnancy', more protecting?

my regalis has been in her shelter for the entire week, not sure if she came out at night but i cant be sure. i put a grasshopper in the tank last evening but pockey didn't go out and hunt. curious how long it will take.

and here's a pic of my vagans sitting in a cool pose

i'm not completely sure..i had asked someone that has bred them, but so far no reply. i figure a few weeks to a little over a month. so far i haven't really noticed any defensive behavior, i haven't tried testing them though..just letting them do their thing. its the first time i had seen that one sing i got them rehoused a couple weeks ago. her abdomen was small (mostly from laying the eggs, but party cause she hadn't eaten) so she came out for some food i figured. i know tarantulas can get pretty defensive about their egg sacs..some of them can be down right nasty about it too.

she probably came out of there at some point at night...some are more reclusive than others. one good way to tell is by looking at the water dish. fill it up and put it down so no substrate is in it. usually you'll see some in it the next day or a day or two later which means she was there...unless the grasshopper was still in there. how often and what do you feed her? its fun to watch them feed, no doubt..but unlike fish or dogs and cats, they really don't need to eat that often. adults in my house get fed one or two adult crickets a week..and depending on the situation, even a little longer.

when i went to italy last year, i fed them all, topped off the water dishes, and left for 13 or 14 days. i did lose one or two, but they were tiny little ones. the rest, even slightly larger were fine. adults can go without food for much longer than that. some species..particularly G. rosea can go for months without food, and not even before a molt, which can be pretty stressful for people...but the spider will be fine. so just be patient..she'll come out of there. thats one thing tarantulas teach us..patience.

cool pic of the vagans. you ever try looking at its molt to tell if it was a female or not?
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