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thats cool you got the snake from those arseholes then chris. i hate seeing animals kept in crappy conditions at pet stores..let alone in someones home.

time, you ever think of getting another snake? they are funny little bastards.

i just fed my snakes tonight..and for the first time i was able to see the king snake eat without waiting for me to turn out the lights and leave or go to sleep.

king snake choking out a fuzzy mouse

exiting the cup i put the mouse in

corn snake feeding

got a couple pics of one of my jumpers today. she had been hiding since i got her with her egg sac. i guess she wandered out to get something to eat or some water, so i tossed in a small cricket for her.

kinda blurry shot of her

and last but not least..the P. pederseni

they had another species of Poecilotheria..but it was sold out before i knew it, and they only had the common name listed after it was gone, so i don't know what species it was. they had some others..but i either had them or didn't feel like waiting YEARS for them to grow. they had another that was tempting..a possible female Pterinochilus murinus, but i am getting a few in the mail this weekend they are a fiesty african tarantula that hates everything and shows it! some pet stores will sell them in the tank they are in just so they don't have to capture them and put them in a small plastic container they sell the rest in heh.
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