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Originally Posted by tmfreak
Holy shit!

Now THIS is a fucked up / strange story.

This guy acted like a 12 year old and enrolled in 2 different middle schools at 2 different times. This guy is a convicted sex offender!!! Hes 28 and he attended school and turned in homework, this is fucking nuts! How can they not see hes not 12?

i know right! i saw this shit on the news the other day for a second. i asked my roommate "how the fuck did he get enrolled? someone had to sign him up, or else he signed himself up as a parent then just showed up." my roommate said one of the guys friends posed as a parent and enrolled him. in my opinion..the guy posing as a parent should get fucked in the ass too! who the hell would do that in the first place!? much less with a sex offender.

pr0az..thats pretty fucking funny. must've sucked for the guy..but damn. i wouldn't wander too far in a big ass city like that.
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