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Originally Posted by JOAMdude
not to be rude but why is it good or necessary to kno how to read music.
I kno what notes i'm hitting when im playing but tabbing just seems more effective

i ask my self that a lot but it is something cool to know the only problem is in most of those books the songs are realy not interesting it is like why would i want to play ode to joy when i could play some death metal so yeah i know what you mean

and great job on the thread i actually learned something
Originally Posted by Infinity
anything to point out their hypocrisy.

Originally Posted by Infinity
He's calling you a faggot piece of shit because you are young and unintelligent, and most of all, you are a boring, stereotyopical, close minded metal head. Please don't pretend to understand anything PST says. Please leave the forum now.
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