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Muslims and your country?

I'm curious what impacts Muslims are making socio/culturally/politically in your country. It seems like more and more muslim religious leaders are coming out and making their religious/political views very public.
Its always the same deal, you get your sheik *insert name here* extremist coming out with controversial idea's. A clean shaven Muslim in a buisness suit from the Islamic friendship association defending him quite contradictingly. Finally, talk back radio, newspapers, television talk shows have a field day with this crap.
That is Sheik el Hilaly. He is the same lad that condoned a gang rape a year or two back (this particular rape case was big news in Australia) whereas some of the men involved recieved the longest sentence for rape (65 years) yet. In this case he said, women beg to be raped as they dont cover up. He used the analogy 'If some meat is left covered up, is it the dogs fault or the person that left it uncovered'. Naturally, he recieved quite a bit of controversy. Its stupid that he is still Mufti of Australia, because he doesnt seem to be doing his supporters much good.
What do you think their motivations are? Is it just pure spite of a community who does not follow their ideal's and value's? Is it their way to attempt to bring about change?
I mean, if this was one particular person of little importance in the Australian community it wouldnt strike me as such a big deal. Ofcourse there will always be people coming out with extreme idea's. But this is the leading Muslim figure in Australia. Many of our key electorates have a large muslim community.
Which brings me to another man, actually. Sheikh feiz mohammed.
He's accused of indirectly telling his followers (500 or something children) at his service that the ultimate death is to die as soldiers of Islam, and inciting martyrdom.
Anyway, what type of impact as Muslim extremists making on your society.
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