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Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
cool, those are all pretty nice looking snakes. rescued them from where? people wanting to get rid of pets? i've seen on they have some animals for adoption, but i imagine nothing too crazy gets put in that section..and anything good gets snatched up real quick.

Rescued as in- stupid fuck buys snake because he thinks it's cool; stupid fuck doesn't know how to properly care for said snake; said snake languishes in captivity under poor diet, improper heating, unclean conditions, parasites, etc.; when the snake is near death, stupid fuck brings snake back to wherever he bought it; pet store contacts rescue worker. I gained a lot of experience under a sort of informal apprenticeship under a rescue worker. I worked both with the rescue animals (all sorts of reptiles and amphibians, no invertebrates) and her personal pets as well. I inherited two of her snakes that she didn't have any room for.

The one I've had the longest was relatively heatlhy, but she hadn't eaten in at least 8 months beforehand (that's just in the 8 months this lady had the snake, who knows how long it hadn't eaten before it was brought in). I got her to eat just fine, she's still my pickiest feeder, but she's at a healthy weight. The other was an intermediate case. She was underweight, dehydrated, and had several layers of retained shed. She is my best feeder, and, in fact, when the other snakes won't eat, sometimes I will toss rats in the middle of rigor mortis in with her.

The last one, the male, wasn't in very good condition when I got him in from someone who found it abandoned in a tank in an apartment building basement. He was dehydrated, had layers of retained shed, rat bites all along his spine and back, and his belly had been burned so extensively that he was missing many scales and oozing some sort of fluid in many areas. I remember his cloaca, around where the damage appeared the most extensive, just gaping open with the hemipenes falling out a couple of times. I assumed he would never be able to mate. Then he knocked up my ladies and I'm now buying two of his kids dinner every week. He himself fed well from day one.

Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
so far, the only trouble with them feeding i've had is with my king snake. it will eat fine, but its very reclusive and will always wait till its dark and nobody is around for some time, or after i turn out the lights and go to bed...wake up and the food is gone. other than that, we caught a baby black racer (don't know the scientific name) in our front yard. we kept him for a little bit..a fiesty little one for sure! but he wouldn't eat anything, we tried pinkies, brained-pinkies, and crickets...nothing. so we let it go rather than keeping it and potentially starve him. that snake hated us all though, just coming near its tank, it would get very alert and ready to strike, and would strike too heh. maybe it didn't hate me though, i never got bit once, my roommate did though..of course i didn't hold him as much as she did.

Racers are generally Coluber constrictor, and all forms of that species, including the Coluber c. constrictor that is relatively common around where I live, are irrascible beasts that abhor human interaction. They never quite tame down, and you are very lucky if you get one to feed on a consistent basis. Due to their level of activity, they require much larger caging than other large snakes. I had some minor success by keeping a 48in. long adult in an enclosure where he couldn't see people walking by and in an area where vibrations from foot traffic was minimal. Routine maitenance still caused him to flip out, and cleaning was a pain in the ass. I've kept other species of hostile snakes, most notably Nerodia sipedon, and they were much easier to manage than Coluber.
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