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Originally Posted by The Doctor
it just molted before i bought it, so that would be uhm.... about three weeks ago. She's two years old so im not really sure how much bigger shes gonna get. i guess not very much, because she already is the size of my hand

ahh just wondering..right after they molt is when they look their best. yea, it looks like shes pretty much full grown. i really want to get a "pokie" (thats what people call them for short..with various just gets to be a pain to type Poecilotheria every time in a casual discussion) of these days. i had male ornata, and a tiny ass regalis, but they both kicked the bucket. i think i mentioned.. the ornata was about 4" in legspan, so i figured it was pretty well established..but somehow it got mites, and i cleared that up for the most a couple stragglers..but the spider refused to eat. i kept giving it water to drink but it didn't work out. heres a couple pics of him not sure what he's trying to do here. same day..just with lights off and a flashlight when i first got him.

the regalis i wasn't ever able to get any good was pretty tiny. i counted that one as being just a small ass spider. they are fairly delicate at that size. i guess thats why they have so many babies per egg sac.

hate to say it..but i think towards the beginning i got a little over zealous in obtaining different species and wound up with a little more than i was ready for. so i experienced some losses of smaller spiders. it still doesn't make sense to me though since i keep them all in the same conditions and some thrive, and some have not. i know they come from different areas, but i try to take that into consideration with certain species..especially if i've read about problems with raising some species. now i pay more attention to the smaller ones as far as feeding more often and sometimes giving them some moisture in the substrate in case they need some liquids. also i am trying to avoid the smallest babies, and get something at least somewhat established.
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