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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
3 rescued adult Python regius, 2 of their 5-6 month old offspring, and one wild caught baby Lampropeltis t. triangulum that I was lucky enough to induce into feeding.

cool, those are all pretty nice looking snakes. rescued them from where? people wanting to get rid of pets? i've seen on they have some animals for adoption, but i imagine nothing too crazy gets put in that section..and anything good gets snatched up real quick.

so far, the only trouble with them feeding i've had is with my king snake. it will eat fine, but its very reclusive and will always wait till its dark and nobody is around for some time, or after i turn out the lights and go to bed...wake up and the food is gone. other than that, we caught a baby black racer (don't know the scientific name) in our front yard. we kept him for a little bit..a fiesty little one for sure! but he wouldn't eat anything, we tried pinkies, brained-pinkies, and crickets...nothing. so we let it go rather than keeping it and potentially starve him. that snake hated us all though, just coming near its tank, it would get very alert and ready to strike, and would strike too heh. maybe it didn't hate me though, i never got bit once, my roommate did though..of course i didn't hold him as much as she did.
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