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Originally Posted by Jopop
I have not tried that tube. Read what this guy says:

From what he says, the "regular" ECC83S would be your best bet.
He's really good on JJ tubes, too. Best prices you'll find i guess.

Edit: Check out

- You want the "Crate Red or Blue Voodoo120 High Gain Retube Kit with 6L6GC's"

Thanks man, didn't realize his prices were that low and he had a kit.

Now, since my amp is not here with me, I don't know if it's like the Marshall that Bob biases in the video on his site. Do Blue Voodoo 120w amps have a trim pot? Can I adjust the bias like the Marshalls or do I need to put a trim pot in place of the simple resistor? If I have to do that is there a writeup on the web? I will buy a bias probe and I already have a multimeter. Thanks
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