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Originally Posted by underaserpentsun
Here's what I'm getting. But have a few more q's..

(4)Matched quad of JJ 6L6GC's
2 JJ EC803's/High-Gain 12ax7 Standards
1 JJ EC803's/High-Gain 12ax7 with Balanced Triodes (for phase inverter slot)
1 JJ EC803's/High-Gain 12ax7 with Low Noise and Microphonics (for tube closest to input jack)

Bias the 6L6's to 45mA?
Bias the ECC803's to _____?

I think I want a loose sound because I played a Peavey XXX and really liked it with the loose knob on! On tight and middle it did not sound as good to me.

You don't "bias" preamp tubes yourself, the bias on these is fixed and is a large factor in how the amp sounds. You just pop them in. The bias on the 6L6's have to be determined by plate voltage and maximum ratings, i.e. if plate voltage is 450 volts and max dispassion is 30w, and you wanted the bias set to 70% of max dispassion (21 watts) you would set the bias to roughly 46mA (Disspassion / Plate voltage = 21W / 450V = 0,046 amperes).
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