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Originally Posted by Requiem
I also owned a North American tree frog, for three years. The same fate happened to it. My younger brother got a hold to it. I envy him, so.

Agalychnis is a South and Central American genus. Native North American treefrogs are primarily Hyla, Acris, and Pseudacris. There are a few extra treefrogs that have been introduced into Florida, most notably various genera that end in "dactylus" and Osteopilus septentrionalis.

Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
for food i spend about 25-30 bucks a month. i get 4 sizes of crickets, and a baby mouse for each of the 3 snakes. i don't really spend much a month on the rest of the stuff. i buy or find/recycle containers as i need them, same with substrate and decorations. it all adds up though..i'm not sure how much i've spent in total.

I spend anywhere from $10 to $15 a week, usually just under $13. Three medium rats, two mice, and one pinkie mouse.
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