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Originally Posted by Seve420
I've had an eastern long-neck turtle (Chelodina longicollis) for a few months. My girlfriend gave it to me for a bday present. It's pretty cool pet, a lot more active than I thought it'd be and a bit vicious(for lack of a better word). It's gone through about 20 small fish and taken bites out of goldfish over a third its size

thats cool..i've thought about a turtle..but i guess they need a fairly large tank once they are adults. plus i'm not really experienced with aquatic animals. my little brother has a turtle...not sure what kind it is though.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
yeah you mention spider hunting before. do you actually have tarantulas in your (so to speak) backyard?

hah i wish. the things that are everywhere are those N. clavipes.

theres supposed to be an area of old citrus groves in central florida where someone released some vagans and they wound up doing well there and building up a population. since florida has such a bad history with invasive species, they tried to kill them all off. i got the location info from a guy who is a taxonomist for some department of the state of florida and i went there, but i didn't find anything. i plan on going there again sometime, but its kinda disheartening to make an hour and a half drive one way to a place you failed to find anything. i should probably go at a later time of day when its darker.
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