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Originally Posted by The Doctor
those cambrigeis look awesome, really nice shade of grey.

and your vagans looks a lot like mine, so i guess mine will be a male too

yea, i agree..i think cambridgei is my favorite species.

not true about your vagans as far as i know. i don't think there is any color difference between sexes of that species. for the most part, the differences in coloration between sexes only show up once the male matures. just like that cambridgei. up until its last molt, it looked just like the female only a lot smaller.

there are some spiders that look different according to sex from an early Nephila clavipes these things are all over florida. the females get really big and have nicer coloration. the males are much smaller and kinda dull looking in comparison throughout their life...maybe not when they are really young, they probably all look the same then.
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