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Originally Posted by Requiem
graf- I counted 25, correct me if I'm wrong. Around how much do you spend monthly on the, food, accesories, and equpiment? PICTURES!!!!! NOW

25 is right..but i was wrong and didn't put down 2 corn snakes just one. it probably hates me for forgetting about it. but thats ok cause the little bastard already hates me. so its really 26.

for food i spend about 25-30 bucks a month. i get 4 sizes of crickets, and a baby mouse for each of the 3 snakes. i don't really spend much a month on the rest of the stuff. i buy or find/recycle containers as i need them, same with substrate and decorations. it all adds up though..i'm not sure how much i've spent in total.

haha and since i'm bored at work with nothing to do but work, here are some pictures in the same order i listed them above.

P. cambrigei male
female -

P. irminia female

G. rosea male

G. aureostriata female

B. vagans male

B. emilia unsexed (will look nothing like that as an adult)

A. versicolor unsexed (also will look very different as an adult)

A. seemani female

C. cyaneopubescens unsexed (these too will be very different looking as adults)

X. sp. "white" unsexed (i'm really hoping its a girl)

C. fasciatum unsexed

P. johnsoni female (didn't get a pic of the other one, it just hid and has stayed that way since)
making or with egg sac..kinda hard to see in there

P. imperator unsexed

O. wahlbergii unsexed
same scorp under a uv light

C. vittatus female not sure what that orange thing is..but its gone now.
the other male with a female i used to have

okeetee corn snake getting a piece of dat ass!
anery corn snake

striped king snake

those are all of the critters that share my bedroom with me. if any of the spiders have babies, i'll have hundreds more and will be looking to give them away pretty much. the jumpers i will just give out if people pay shipping (and aren't just going to squash them or whatever), same with the G. rosea, but for the P. cambridgei (i haven't even mated them yet) i would likely charge 5 bucks a piece or something..i'd still give some away as freebies with a purchase of one just to get the numbers down. it will be quite a chore feeding all those little bastards!
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