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Originally Posted by Soeru
It should sound pretty good, but not exactly like the Ampeg. Definately the "next best thing" to an Ampeg combo because they're hard to find these days, but Crate GX's are fuck-all common. Just hope it doesnt succumb to spontaneous channel switching though, good luck.

Yah it's the best I could do with my limited income. Being married and having a shitty job does that to you. I'm happy to have a noise box again though. I have to say though, they're not as readily available on ebay as much and the ones that are are expensive. I've seen some of the heads go for like 100 - 150. I think I got a good deal on the combo. If it does mess up, I work for an electronics manufacturer so I can fix it myself or have one of the engineers look at it.
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