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that newt and frog look pretty cool req. especially that frog. i like the red eyes....been looking at some frogs, but not sure i want to branch out much more...i have plenty mouths to feed haha. sucks about the newt. the other one probably crawled off and dried up. we had some in one of my old elementary classes and one got out and was found somewhere in the room all dried up.

thats a pretty nice looking lobster too insert. never seen one with that many colors. i was really close to setting up a salt water tank one time, i gave up on the idea and wound up with an empty aquarium and thought..what else can i put in this thing...looked around online and came across tarantulas.

i've always been into nature/snakes/spiders and whatnot but never that seriously. got my first spider and was pretty i have over 20..and i've had over twice that at one time. lost some babies i received from someone which thinned out my numbers a bit. they smaller they are, the harder they are to keep alive..especially certain species.

req - i've never kept any lizards..but i've seen some tegus at the store. i think some of those frogs are a bit nicer looking, but i guess they take a little more work to maintain. tell your parents not to worry about spiders haha. get a Grammostola rosea. they are the most common species in the trade. cheap and docile for the most part. you know that movie raiders of the lost ark? that scene in the bigging where his back is covered in big ass spiders, those are all G. rosea.

bearded dragons look cool. i've never kept any though. i've seen some fiesty ones heh, but i'm sure there are some really chill ones too.
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