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Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
insert - sounds cool man..i've only kept a few snakes as far as reptiles go, i've thought about some leopard geckos..they look pretty funny. so far i've never held most of them...just a few that are more relaxed get to climb around on me. putting these two i just posted about together will be interesting though..they are really quick, and one might end up on the run, or running onto me all of a sudden trying to get away from the other spider haha. what are yabbies? thats cool they are calm..all the lizards in the wild here are crazy nervous..they run as soon as you get anywhere near them. heh we even have wild iguana here..though it was thanks to a bunch of people releasing their pets, or else someone came here by hitching a ride in a shipment of something or other and nobody noticed.

Yabbies are kind of like mini lobsters, as it takes a lot more effort to get them to grow as big. The real small ones get used as live bait sometimes, and the big ones can be eaten(by people who cant afford lobsters, I guess). Anyway, I went through a big phase of them a couple years ago, and I got given and caught like 12 of them. I had so many little tanks, and eventually I had to get rid of them all. A couple killed eachother, one escaped. I gave some away and released the rest into a creek. I kept the youngest one and put it in the biggest tank I have, which is like 1.3 metres long or something. Eventually I was given another one, but I had no tanks left. I put a glass divider in my big tank and they lived happily next to eachother for ages.

One night, the glass fell down and I found them in the same tank. Was shocked to see one of them wasnt in pieces. A few weeks later, I noticed one was pregnant. Its pretty cool when they get pregant( I wish I kept photo's) as they keep their eggs under their tail. There was around 100 eggs or something, and they stayed under her tail for a few months. Then, one morning I noticed the eggs had hatched and there were hundreds of the little fuckers everywhere. Now, I have that mother still(she is getting really old, over 6 years!) and one of the babies,(the rest of them killed eachother). The one I kept was the mackdaddy of the tank.
Anyway there ar different types of yabbies, some are small and brown, others are big and blue. Mine are 'Cherax destructor', and look like this one only bigger.
Cherax destructor
Again, they are pretty docile. I used to pick them up and let them bite me for fun. I did that again a little while ago and it cut the skin between my middle finger and pointer finger in two.
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