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Originally Posted by The Doctor
and what about the nymphs? do you keep em all together?

well i've yet to have an actual hatch out, just one egg sack that wound up being eaten by the mother. now i've got a jumping spider egg sac..and i am pretty sure the other jumper female just started building a hammock structure last night to start laying eggs in...its getting hard to see in there.

but yes, i would keep them together at first. while they are still in the egg sac, they are "eggs with legs" basically. then they molt into 1st instar spiderlings which can move but don't disperse from the sac or mother. they have a food reserve that they are born with that will last them to their next molt. after that molt, they begin to spread out and thats when people start to seperate them. if you don't seperate them, they'll make lunch out of eachother.

some people do that on purpose though. when breeding anything in the genus Lasiodora, which have an average of 1000 - 2000 (i think..i know its over 1000) per sac, people simply don't want to or can't take care of that many. so they let them feed off each other until their numbers have dwindled to a more managable amount. i'll probably wind up doing this to some extent. i'm going to offer the jumpers up for free, just have people pay shipping. that way people will take them off my hands faster and i won't have to keep them around too long. if the cambridgei sac works out, i'll probably let the slings go for $5 each + shipping.

some of them you can leave together..people often try communal tanks by raising slings from the same sac from Poecilotheria, Holothele, Avicularia, and sometimes, but rarely, Pterinochilus..maybe others that i'm not aware of. most of the time, people wind up with one fat spider..but sometimes it works. i think most of the people that do try it, are only trying it because they have several hundred of them, so why not?
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