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req - hah yea my parents don't like them either really..but i didn't even think of owning any when i lived at home. if you had a small one, they might not even notice depending on what your room looks like and how your parents are.

doc - well if i just do it, he won't have any sperm in his bulbs ( the spider "balls" pic) and won't knock her up. yea, the mating is pretty interesting to watch. my one roommate thought they were fighting when she first saw it can quickly turn into a fight too, so you have to stay on your toes with something to get between them to bail the guy outta here. sometimes its all too fast though and theres nothing you can do. thats why i'm feel bad for this guy..the female has a decent amount of leg span and bulk on him.

insert - sounds cool man..i've only kept a few snakes as far as reptiles go, i've thought about some leopard geckos..they look pretty funny. so far i've never held most of them...just a few that are more relaxed get to climb around on me. putting these two i just posted about together will be interesting though..they are really quick, and one might end up on the run, or running onto me all of a sudden trying to get away from the other spider haha. what are yabbies? thats cool they are calm..all the lizards in the wild here are crazy nervous..they run as soon as you get anywhere near them. heh we even have wild iguana here..though it was thanks to a bunch of people releasing their pets, or else someone came here by hitching a ride in a shipment of something or other and nobody noticed.

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