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Oh yeah I've had these kinda foolish incidents haha..

our vocalist pulled the cord out of my fx pedals twice even though I taped it down realllly good (he just ripped the cord out with the tape and it ended up 2 metres away, that sucked)
it looks stupid if you pick up the cord and put it in an play further, its just stupid!
I never have any jack-dropouts anymore, I tape the cord to my bass and I tie it to my bass amp so it won't drop out at that end.

ehm lemme think, I had a microphone that was kinda dead once and ehm I didn't have any more problems, well not yet eheh.

our guitarist had a blown-up amp once and our drummer had a drumkit that constantly moved because of the double bass pedals or something.

never had broken strings or a broken strap (I use straplocks and tape ehe)
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