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the official metaltabs invertebrates and reptiles thread

after some complaints in one or two other threads, this thread has been made.

to continue that conversation..

Originally Posted by The Doctor
invertebrates & reptiles sounds good.

about the light, the first owner had that light on since she was little, so i guess shes kinda used to it after two years.

pretty awesome, she just had here first 3 inch grasshopper, mwuahahaha it's fucking gone! i love this new hobby. I actually have 3 terrariae now; 1 vagans, 1 regalis and 1 full with crickets and locusts

well i guess its fine, but i'm just saying that because they are nocturnal. though mine all get as much light as i do during the day and some at night, so its not like they can't deal with it.

haha yea its fun to watch them eat. they are lazy bastards a most of the rest of the time, but you still will catch them doing some odd things, or just reorganizing the substrate or decorations if they can.

be sure to keep an eye on the tank of feeders. clean out dead ones and try to give it a cleaning when you can. too many dead remains can lead to mites infecting your feeders. they are pretty small too, so you may not notice them when you feed them to your spiders. i've had them on a few. if you do get them..just let the substrate go completely dry except the water dish, then take the spider out, dump the substrate, clean the tank, and set it up again. there may be a few stragglers, but they will die off if you keep it dry in there. if it somehow doesn't go away, you can buy a species of predatory mites that will eat the parasitic ones and won't harm the spider.

other than of my spiders just molted into a mature male and will be meeting the lady i have once he is ready to go.

what he looked like before:
now, lost some of the greenish coloration, and all of the orange on the abdomen:
close up:
next to ruler, about 4.5" (11.4cm) in leg span:
kinda hard to tell cause he is sideways, but this is the first threat pose i've ever received from a larger sized spider:
spider "balls"
and last, the female (these pics i posted in the recently bought shit thread):
shes a bit bigger than him, i almost feel bad for the guy. unfortunately, he only has about 1.5-2 years left of his life, so i basically mate him and maybe he dies, or he just dies.
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