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Originally Posted by Mordor
if i was you, i would get a 100 watt tube amp, because at least if you need that power available, you have it. You can also pull two tubes and give a slight re bias thus bringing the power down to 50. theres only a 10db or so difference between 50 and 100 anyways i think

10db means half the noise... and to do that you would have to divide/multiply by 10 for the wattage (100 --> 10 watts)
50 watts is PLENTY loud. And with the 900's (which dont like to break up that quickly), its nice to have that little bit less headroom. Trust me, you'll be running for earplugs for this thing. And with 2 4x12's, you'll have to run it at low impedance, which also increases the headroom a bit... but man... full stack... it will be fuckin sweet.
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