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Originally Posted by Valtiel
No problem man. I always liked relearning songs in different tunings, cause it makes you look at things differently. And as a result, you may come up with something cool. Truss rod adjustment is pretty simple, turning it clockwise (while looking down the neck from the headstock) tightens the rod, straightening the neck and turning counter clockwise adds relief to the neck. What you do is this:

1) Fret your string at the first fret with your left hand
2) Using the thumb of your right hand, fret that same string on the 15th fret, this combined with step 1 creates a straight edge across the fretboard that will allow you to observe the curvature of the neck.
3) While holding step 1 and 2, use a finger (middle is the easiest) from your right hand and tap the string above the ninth fret. There should be a very small, but still perceptable space between the 9th fret and the string.

If there is a lot of space, tighten the rod about 1/4 turn to straighten the neck and check again. If there is no space (string against the fret), the neck is too straight, loosen the rod 1/4 turn and check again. Repeat until you get a very small amount of space.

that is some great info right there man.......the instructions ive read on how to do it was almost identical........this should be stickied somewhere on this forum with pics.......kinda like a DIY......people should REALLY know how and when to have to do this
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