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Originally Posted by Valtiel
About the detuning, when you detune you are putting less tension on the neck which means it will straighten, or if it was already straight, it will back bow. Either way this will cause your action to be significantly lower and THATS what causes your fret buzz. Sometimes the neck takes a little while before it settles in, which would explain why you noticed more the next day. Do a google search on adjusting truss rods so you can compensate for this, its quite simple.

For the tone and overall structural integrity of your bass, its probably better to simply tune your low B string up to C and just transpose anything else. That way instead of changing the tuning drastically when going band to band, you only need to move one string up a half step.

yea man indeed thanx for that good info........ive never really taken that into consideration......alot of people the neck flexes and how much of a big factor it can be......on bass, guitar, or even drums for that matter......i would love to learn how to adjust the truss rod myself....dont really know whats involved in that tho....i read a short thing on it just never actually DONE it......

and on the tuninig thing i figured yea tune that low B string up just a bit and it would be wayyy less stress on the neck.......also sucks cuz ill have to relearn the songs and ill lose that top low string which i already incorperated into most of the songs......i might just try it next week and see how it feels.....

just been out of playing music for almost 4 years and just got back into it 2 months ago full im still trying to adjust and learn more and more as i go along.....

thanx guys for all ur helpful input
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