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Originally Posted by Soeru
The MASS responds like a real speaker(it has a speaker cone "motor" inside) so the sound coming out of the thing sounds far more realistic than with other attenuators which are basically just a slew of capacitors. If you crank the amp enough into a THD or maybe even that Dr.Z it will begin to suck tone because the amp's speaker out is supposed to interact with a real speaker not capacitors...

But the mcdaddy of all attenuators is probably the Palmer PGI-03. Rack attenuator with the most advanced speaker simulation out there. It works wonders apparently. I may get the PDI-09(speaker sim DI box but with no load).

Thats the thing, the DR.Z dosent use a system of capacitors and resistors, it just simply sends part of the signal to ground, meaning there is zero effect on the orignal tone.
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