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Originally Posted by Soeru
Those volume boxes are a gimmick. They're just line-level controllers, no different than putting an EQ in your amp's effects loop and bogging down the level control. They DON'T make your powertubes saturate to get nice sounds at low volumes, you're going to get the same sounds by simply using your master volume knob. What you do need for that is a genuine power attenuator such as:

Koch LB120
THD Hotplate
Weber MASS(I particularily reccomend this one because they actually use a real speaker motor inside instead of a bunch of transistors, so the sound that comes out of it sounds natural and not harsh or artificial like with all other transistor based attenuators when you push them a lot(the THD gets grainy when you crank your amp too much).

So you got fooled. You could still use that volume box in front of your amp as a boost though, give that a try.

Well, thanks for the info man. As you can see, I don't know much about this stuff. I guess I will sell it back on ebay. You know, it's funny that in all his feedback, everyone says they like the volume box. Little do they know..
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