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The past few month just been jamming along to Guitarpro tabs

The easy stuff:

Metallica - hit the lights, awesome solo jam at the end
- Helpless from garage days

Ozzy -Bark at the moon, show off to all those "guitar hero" gamers
-Mr crowley, can't go wrong w/ rhoades

Old Slayer (pre 90's)

Gotta Pay attention to what I'm doing stuff:
Satriani - Surfin, crushing days, and satch boogies are favs
Vai, Attitude song and a couple others off Passion & Warfare
Malmsteen - Far beyond the Sun, never gets old, could play in loops for hours

Still strugglin a bit:
Jason Becker, Jason, Becker, and Jason Becker
Altitudes - Almost close....
Speed Metal Symphony

Most of the harder stuff isn't really metal, but I used to jam to Death, carcass , Cynic and Deicide back in the 90's which was hard as hell to play back then
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