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Thanks for the comments guys. I think some of you have kinda missed my point a little, and yes I do realise that smoking is a silly idea to improve growls, I realised this ages ago. I've just noticed that most growlers I know smoke a buttload. I mentioned before I knew a guy who didn't smoke and had an awesome growl, turns out he's a friggin chimney. I was just exploring the ideas of how. Like I know smoking makes you short of breath, but how the f*** are they so good?! Look at Mikael Akerfeldt, he's a big smoker, but has a great growl (actually has a good singing voice too, but it must be affecting him somehow). There COULD be something that smoking does that has the same affect as I guess training the lungs/diaphragm would to be able to growl properly.

OR, I'm just jealous that my growl lacks volume and hurts after 5 minutes...
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