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Originally Posted by Tattered
You could of said it nicer than that sixsicsix

Welcome to metaltabs!

Thanx for the welcome man.......was a member for a few months now just never posted due to being afraid of getting flamed by sixsicsix

haha and get fucking brand new 2 week old Behringer 1000 watt 4x10 blew a speaker right one.......just the way the aluminum cone is attached to the edhe of the speaker looked weak....must of been a dud...ill post a few shots I gotta lug this heavy shit all the way back to return it........but I AM happy my strings macigally fixed themselves and played flawlessly tuned the way it was......eventually ill have to invest in another bass cuz I can't play in 2 bands uptuning and downtuning so frequently....or can I?.....prolly a bad idea...........
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