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Originally Posted by sixsicsix
first off, you never need to go that fucking low, work your octaves.
youre going to get buzz because a low b in standard only has about 2 pounds of tension on it reguardless of gauges.
and whoever told you that you need to change your strings every 2 weeks is totally full of shit.
bass strings should last you atleast a good 5 months

Hey man thanx for the wasn't more the low B string it was more the 3rd and 4th string on the 1st and 2nd frets.............and get this....I uptuned my bass back to E yesterday to play along to my other bands stuff.......and when I tuned back down to C tonight to jam with my heavier band evrything was fretbuzz ANYWHERE.....maybe just the cold and sitting for a week messed with it somehow?........I dunno

And what do u mean by not going that low......I tuned it like that because I learned the songs on my 4 u suggest the low B string be tuned to the guitars top "C" string?......

The 2 week string change thing I read in the stupid ESP manual...also the fact that after a few plays strings get extremly dirty and tend to "dull" out ya know.......maybe they meant more for guitars not basses.....I know bass strings can last years but u gotta admit, a new set of strings doesn't sound "new " anymore after a few plays......but whatever....

And the 12 year thing man don't get me wrong.....those 12+ years I wasn't playing for fuckin 12 hours a day....I am by no means a proffesional.....I try......I started out on bass 12 years ago then switched to guitar.....I learned all by ear.....I'm not the best ill admit it.......but many different styles of metal I love its near impossible for me to get to the level I wish.........and also that's why I asked here just wanted some input from fellow metal bassists.....I appreciate ur "help" tho man
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