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anyone here downtune thier 5 string to C?reccomended string gauge?

hey guys im new to the forum and recently gotten back into playing music(been like 3 years, ive played guitar and bass for about 12 on/off )......i play a 5 string bass in 2 totally different bands..........ones brutal hardcore/DM...and the other is more soft rock/alt...ive been into more brutal stuff all my life...but i like to play and listen to all stlyes

i have a 5 string esp LTD 155(2 months old) which i absolutly complaints sounds extremly good out of my behringer 1000 watt 4x10 and Yamaha BBH digital head......

now, for the heavier guitarists tune very low to about C i believe(same that Dehumanized tunes to, if u are familiar with that band)

now, i downtuned my bass from my softer band(standard E).......and tuned it down to C on my E string.......this made my LOW B string VERY problems whatsoever tho it played wasnt till about a week my bass sat cold in our studio i went to play it again and i got some slight fret buzzing on certain frets.......but on the higher 2 strings......also take note the bass hasnt been adjusted yet neck/string height wise

now i know strings should really be changed about evry 2 weeks which no one ever does im in the market for some new strings.....i know ernie ball makes some lower gauge strings what gauge would u guys recomend for tuning drop C........i used to use skinny top heavy bottoms when i played guitar years ago tuned to C and they worked what would the equivilent to those strings be on a 5 string...anything good available out there?.....or should i just get the standard 5 string gauge and downtune from there......also when tuning this low on a 5 string, is string height a big factor? will adjusting string height help eliminate some fret buzz in some spots.......any input is appreciated...thanx in advance

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