Thread: 100 or 50 watt?
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The volume difference between the 50W and 100W is not going to be earbleedingly different so don't worry(it'll only be about 10% less loud). Of COURSE it'll do rehearsals and gigging without any sort of micing, especially if you're firing up eight 12" speakers.

I hear the JCM900DSL also comes as a 50W head? If so grab that one, you'll be able to drive the poweramp into saturation a lot faster than the 100W heads. Plus it's 2 less tubes you gotta worry about when tube changing time comes around. Your neighbors will still hate you though. I hear most of the lower wattage JCM's have more gain? 1 thing I do suggest is that you stray from the newer JCM2000's as I hear nothing but reliability problems with them.
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