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Originally Posted by IhateCoF
The n00b has a question. I have been growling for about a year and a half, my mids can be compared to that of Dark Tranquility, I can do lows i.e. Job for a Cowboy, and I have gutterals down pat, as well as inhales. Here is the big Q:

You all know the bands Hypocrisy and DragonLord? I cannot seem to get their "high" black metal-ish voice unless I use inhales, but I want to be able to do it normaly. It must be a different technique than straight up growling because I cannot bring my growl any higher than that of the guy from Naglfar. If any of you know the technique to get that Hypocrisy [or typical black metal shriek] let me know. Keep in mind, I am not trying to imitate the singer's voice, just trying to learn their technique. All help is greatly appreciated.

And hey, if you think Hypocrisy and/or Dragonlord are terrible bands to go by or whatnot, tell me some better bands to listen to.

Hey dude. I don't have THE answer mate, but a suggestion. Do you sing? If so, do you know about resonance spaces in the body? For example, low notes resonate in the chest, while high notes in the head (this is called the head voice). If you can find the similarities with singing low notes to low growling stuff, then try to applying a head voice to growls. I really dunno if this would work, but it might! A good way to know if you have a working head voice is if you can sing above the high e string on a guitar without any struggle and your voice doesn't sound like you're yelling. Try that mate.
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