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The n00b has a question. I have been growling for about a year and a half, my mids can be compared to that of Dark Tranquility, I can do lows i.e. Job for a Cowboy, and I have gutterals down pat, as well as inhales. Here is the big Q:

You all know the bands Hypocrisy and DragonLord? I cannot seem to get their "high" black metal-ish voice unless I use inhales, but I want to be able to do it normaly. It must be a different technique than straight up growling because I cannot bring my growl any higher than that of the guy from Naglfar. If any of you know the technique to get that Hypocrisy [or typical black metal shriek] let me know. Keep in mind, I am not trying to imitate the singer's voice, just trying to learn their technique. All help is greatly appreciated.

And hey, if you think Hypocrisy and/or Dragonlord are terrible bands to go by or whatnot, tell me some better bands to listen to.
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