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I can only think of one example at the moment where cowbell is used; Pantera's "Drag the Waters." There's also cowbell being played in All That Remain's "Deepest Gray."

I use it in this one song. The guitars just play natural harmonic 8th notes on the 5th fret. The first time they do this (before the verse), I hit the cowbell on beats 2 and 4. Then the second time they do it (after the chorus), I hit it on each down beat. That's the best I can explain it.

I guess the best way to use it is to accent certain beats, and possibly in more softer parts of the song. Just experiment. Take a song you know, and put some cowbell in it. Maybe ride on the cowbell instead of the hi hat. Maybe roll on it when doing a kit roll or a fill.

My friends got me another cowbell, and they keep getting me to bring it with me whenever I go see them. I "accidently" leave it at their house. It's the same pitch, and it doesn't even have the plastic rim on it like mine does. Plus, I don't have neither toe room for it nor the patience to go get a mount for it.

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