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Question tips?

Just recently my friend and I decided to leave our death metal band and start a black metal band. I was all for it because personally I like BM more than I do DM. The problem is is that my vocal strength is DM growls ...well, they sound like Stefan from Graveworm and Peter from November's Doom growls but I can't get them as loud as I'd like. Anyway, back to the point, I need a more BM voice for my new band. I am unable to reach any high note (I was in a grindcore band before the DM band and I screamed a lot, and now I can't) anymore so I was wondering what I can do to possibly fix that. Bassically what I'm looking for is advice on how to go from DM to BM and on how to hit high notes without having to screech, since when I try to hit a high note with a clean voice nothing happens, I sound like I'm whispering and it's really embarrassing since I've always thought of myself as a vocalist. I'm only 16, so does this have any effect on my abilities as a BM/DM vocalist? Any help would be appreciated.
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