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I think there's an important aspect of this that you are missing.
A natural harmonic is performed by forcing the string to vibrate with half it wavelength, or some other integer split. Common "harmonic places" are 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th.
If you fret a string on the (n)th fret, then you can place the "harmonic-finger" on the (n+12)th (or n+5 or n+7 or n+9) fret, to get a proper harmonic. Then there's also the option of forcing a harmonic, ie strumming so hard that you get some sound even though you're not placing your "harmonic finger" on a good spot. This is of course easier with lots of dist and so on.
This also applies for artificial/pinch harmonics. To get a higher pitched squeal, find a 5th or 9th (or whatever) of the strings length (the part that is not stopped by fretting fingers).

I can admit that I learnt how to do artificial harmonics (and succeded in performing them on my acoustic guitar (don't have an electric guitar)) from this thread, but the theoritics about harmonics in general is stuff I learnt ages ago (like 5 years).
seems like you got a case of stupidphobia
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