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Yeah i was wondering why he didn't post that in this thread. I had a listen to it before and it sounded (For death metal) to be fairly deciently recorded. I'm not a fan of death metal but i could see some of the "quality" with it. Some of his techniques he mentioned i attempted to adapt in some of my newer recording attempts and definately have brought up intresting results.

I always thought death used some sort of delay effect on their guitars (during entire songs) but now i realize its basically 2 guitars per channel playing the same thing and it sounding like that. I could definately achieve that.... intresting "tone" of Death when i recorded my stuff. At times it sounded good at others it wasn't for my style. (I did the 80% and 100% right and left guitars if you are wondering what mixing technique i'm talking about)
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...Its very annoying to keep having to hear some socially-disabled teen come on these boards talking about all the drugs he's started doing so that he can maybe grasp onto some kind of positive response so he feels better about himself and what he's doing.
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