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Met this girl in subway
Hot as hell said she had lost weight
She had some stubble above her lip
But i was like the razor could deal with that shit

She gave me her number
And so i called
The next day we were out at the town mall
She grabbed some sexy shorts and put them on
What is this i say
She has some sort of bulge by the left lace

After hitting the mall we went back to its place
We began making out
Then i noticed her bulge had grown at an alarming rate
I kept quite for the moment and continued on
Thought she might have took some hormones
To loose all that weight she had ones put on
Reminded me of China from war zone
In that movie she did with her big ass clit

Stuck my hand down her pants
And to my surprise
She had one huge dong
That was bigger than mine
Told her this could not be
walked away and left that place

From time to time i think
What could have been with that he/she
“Remember to live, eat, sleep and breathe music for the mind, play from your heart and never be swayed by the current trends.” ~Rusty Cooley
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