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Originally Posted by PUngency
What are you talking about? I know a good drummer when I hear one. Same with guitarists.

a good drummer?........or a very skilled one who shows off?

theres a world of difference

Its just me I guess. I follow my drummer. I let him start first and I follow. When we write songs he has a big part in what direction the song goes. Its a team. The drummer plays the beat and that beat determines the melody and the rhythm in which I play it. Could be straight 16ths but the MEDLODY's rhythm wont be duh duh duh and boring. Cant explain it without you hearing it. heh.

ANYWAY, if he jams a straight forward beat like... like... something basic, I"LL play something basic.

OH and this is a good conversation for me. Get different perspectives.

drumbeats arent as personalized as songwriting, your drummer may have input
on how you write, and may influence how you are gonna write...but in the end you are WRITING the song.

we can only provide the structure of the time and tempo in which you write a riff, the stress points and accent notes, how its subdivided.

thats not an equal share.
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