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Originally Posted by low-tech
sorry to lecture you about this, but just maybe these are reasons why you dont see as many metal drummers as proportional as guitarists. its already hard enough to play blastbeats to no end and there isnt much room to make your mark without avoid avoiding the technique obsessed, tech/math metal approach.

What are you talking about? I know a good drummer when I hear one. Same with guitarists.

Its just me I guess. I follow my drummer. I let him start first and I follow. When we write songs he has a big part in what direction the song goes. Its a team. The drummer plays the beat and that beat determines the melody and the rhythm in which I play it. Could be straight 16ths but the MEDLODY's rhythm wont be duh duh duh and boring. Cant explain it without you hearing it. heh.

ANYWAY, if he jams a straight forward beat like... like... something basic, I"LL play something basic.

OH and this is a good conversation for me. Get different perspectives.
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