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Originally Posted by PUngency
THats not vice versa?

drummers dont permutate cannibal corpse riffs and write songs for the most part, unless they are musically gifted mofos like the guy in vital remains.

most drummers make their mark, their playing becomes personalized with subtlety and usually drumfills and stuff usually at their request<perhaps setting a particular drumbeat for a change or two or doing extended drumfills for a particular part or even take a few bars for a drumsolo, all this done in a way that doesnt consume the listeners attention away from the songs entirely>to actually make them distinct from the vast amount of shared rythyms and beats that that are typical of the style, this go back even to swing.

even when playing swing, where the playing is very loose to interpretation/improvisation<theres more room to be yourself>, there is only so much a drummer can do if, lets say the band is only focusing on one particular tempo and approach.

a good example of my point is take ac/dc's song "hells bell" and seperate the drums from the song, its literally bass on 1 and 3 with snare on 2 and 4 and quarter notes on the hihat, its usually the first drumbeat, first pattern one learns when playing rock music. very little variation on this pattern thruout the song, but given the context of how the song is written you cant really fault the guy.....its a straightforward song....and a very good song at that.

his job is to provide foundation, yeah sure he could of done more.... but he's only utilizes as much as whats written for him. part of a drummers job is not to steal the listeners attention from the song, this is what happens with drummers like buddy rich and virgil donati and other drum shredders<this also goes for guitar shredders who hog the spotlight>......when the playing is too active the entire song itself becomes context for drum technique and bombast<or in a guitarist the song becomes context for solos>......soon you get what fusion music does well....empty, highly complex but completely forgettable music.

so a drummers job is tricky

1>playing enough not to sound like a drum machine, having a sound people can recognize as you behind those drums

2>not demanding the attention of listener above everything else and stealing the show

3>striking a balance between technique and solid playing that suits the song, not your self indulgent playing.

4>playing stuff that can keep the listeners attention, a variety of not only drumbeats/rythyms,tempos and such but also the notes and guitar playing has to vary as well: scales,composition<not playing fast 16ths every song> and general mood of the music

but all this this has to work in the context of the material provided for a drummer, if the writting focuses on a limited area theres really nothing one can do.

death metal and grind is the biggest offender of playing the same stuff over and over again, which can be fine for the diehards who expect nothing more, but the drummer is the last culprit for blame as to why the shit is generic.

sorry to lecture you about this, but just maybe these are reasons why you dont see as many metal drummers as proportional as guitarists. its already hard enough to play blastbeats to no end and there isnt much room to make your mark without avoid avoiding the technique obsessed, tech/math metal approach.
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