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Originally Posted by PUngency
WHAT! Thats badass dude.

It'll sound generic if you put blast beats over it. I'm a guitarist... SO PLEASE... no offense, but when death metal sounds "Generic" it's because the drummers lack creativity and just play blasts or double kick all the time. BUT thats just my observation or lack therof.

OH and vice versa!

fuck that shit and no fucking vice versa

this reply is more about your comment than this actual mp3 track, which is a good example of my point anyway.

stiff, no dynamic drummers is a problem within metal ill give you that, but we are mere accompanyment, meaning that outside the context of guitars or any instruments from which the composition of a song is to be authored, drum parts are just repititions we drummers usually all share<maybe with the exception of a few who really make thier mark>

so, NO, it is indeed the guitarists who motherfucking circle the same ideas and approaches to thier writing<note again...drums are accompyments, we can only provide a rythmic foundation from which songs can be written> and due to lack of creativity...rythmically strum the same 16th notes pattern to no end then have the gall to expect some sort of variation to magically transform thier run-on sentence of a song into something actually compositionally rich with build-ups and breakdowns,half and double timing, dimuendo/crescendo etc.

this is something i have a major problem with, give me the same tired 240bpm 16th note, a half hour of music with little variations, broken up patterns and yeah sure, im just circle the same beats because i can only do so much with the same thing so many times. so when you say "can you not do a blast for this part" dont be suprised if the drummer quips back "can you not just strum straight 8th and 16ths like your life depended on it"

really, what are the fucking options? "ok ill do a 16th note double bass roll in the context of 32nd notes and add snare at 2 and 4 with ride cymbal quarter notes....great!, awesome! ok, next riff, well what do you know!. its the same 16th note pattern.......what can i do for this part?? about another blastbeat....or a half time quarter note gallop....fanfuckingtastic"

drummers only circle ideas because we are put in that position, there is only so much you can do at high tempos.....unless you really want to strum the pattern of a 240bm paradiddle with snare hits on the right hand....good fucking luck on that.
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