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Trivium gets piss balloons thrown at them on stage

sorry if this was posted already
A BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor by the name of George Byron-Roberts has submitted the following report:

"TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy interrupted the band's set [as the support act for IRON MAIDEN] at Earl's Court, London last night [Friday, Dec. 22] to chide members of the audience after being subjected to a barrage of urine-filled balloons and bottles. Heafy and bassist Paolo Gregoletto were showered with urine during their performance of 'Like Light to the Flies'. Heafy angrily declared that the act was 'really wrong' and that if he saw anyone throwing things at the band he would see that they were 'thrown the fuck out" and 'beaten the fuck up.'

"The left hand side of the stage had been rowdy with fervent disapproval for TRIVIUM and their frontman from the beginning of their set, the band being lambasted with cries of 'death to false metal' between each of their songs; and throughout the set there was a constant exchange of rude gestures between Heafy and the antagonists. An attempt to block the missiles with a U.S. flag was shouted down by British fans, who angrily turned on the American fans, a group of young men and women who had travelled all the way from the USA to see TRIVIUM perform.

"Heafy's polemic (after battling through the rest of the song) lasted almost five minutes. However IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson was unusually quiet about the event, preferring to focus his rant on the safety of fans at the front of the crowd and the horrors of war."

A two-minute video clip of TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy having an audience member ejected from their December 12, 2006 show at the Birmingham NEC for allegedly throwing bottles at the band can be found at

The guy that threw the piss balloons name is Paul and he is my hero
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