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walking basslines can incorporate any notes, not just scale/chord notes (although scale and chordal tones are the blueprint for your walking line). these other notes are called "passing notes". there are a few simple rules you may want to consider also. first, you should play the root on the first beat after a chord change, and secondly try and play a note the leads to a chord tone just before the change. example:
Am Dm Em Am
E 5-7-8---|---------|----8-7-|5-8-----4|
A-------7-|5-8---8-| 7-5-----|-----7---|
G --------|---------|---------|---------|

i hope this makes some kind of sense, ive been drinking a bit and im having a hard time explaining. if you can, try and find some recent issues of guitar worlds bass guitar magazine. theyve been featuring some excellent lessons from berklee's tim d'agostino on exactly this. hope this helped a bit.
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