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Hmmm odd. I followed Kerry King's advice for string gauges. Like he said he uses 9-42 for D#, 10-46 to C# and uses a 52 for the B when he does Drop B tunnings. Now I personally use 9-42 for both Standard and Dropped. And I am getting my Warlock set up to C# with 10-46. I know a lot of people advise aggainst these strings for these tunning but they seem to work fine for me. They give good sustain and don't flop all over the place.

I use Light N Heavy for the lower tunnings so I can have a tight bottom and lighter highs to make it easier to bend. A lot of artists use lighter strings for lower tunnings. The Berzerker (13-56 for A standard), Nile (10-52 for Drop A), didn't Carcass use 10-52 for B standard or did they use 12-54? I forget.
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