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Originally Posted by aFarewelltoKings
i didnt buy it from a store.I got a good price on a used one.Im just saying if your posts dont help my question dont post damnit!

His post could be seen as helpful because it tells you that you shouldn't (I don't know if I agree with this because I know nothing about any particular models) waste your time with the bass you have, that you should return it, or try to sell it and get a new (better) one.

If money's the problem you're stuck with trying to fix the problem with a set up, which might actually work very well if you know the right person to do it. In my city you pay 40$ Canadian to have it set up by this really awesome set up person who does it in his basement and when you get it back it feels like the damned bass was custom made for you. Just ask around.

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