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Originally Posted by the_bleeding
different alloy mixtures, different metallurgy processes, different winding techniques, different wind gauge (as in the gauge of the tiny little winds on each individual string... but i dont think the tightness will be too significant, maybe around 1 lb of tension increase. (which isnt alot considering a switch from 9-42's to 10-46's increases total tension by about 22 lbs)

i know GHS has their Sub Zero strings where I THINK they freeze the string after making it instead of just letting it sit. (metal gets hot when you bash it up and stretch it and shit). Theoretically, cooling the molecules faster should make them collect closer together increasing density... possibly making them tighter?

1lb per string or 1lb total?

Also, I'd check out those Sub Zero strings, but they don't come in 13-56. Looks like the highest they have is like 11-50, ew. I might try buying single strings and making my own set of strings, 14-60, since they don't sell any sets in that for some reason. Any idea what the tonality difference with the sub-zero's is, compared to normal steel?
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