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Sounds great. I will have to check out Beatcraft.

Originally Posted by Bloodsoaked666
My latest and greatest (LOL) home recorded death metal song Grinding Your Guts has been recored, mixes and masterd all in my bedroom. Check out the song here:

I would love opinions on Grinding Your Guts good or bad.

Info on the recording:

4 guitar tracks 1 80% left, 1 80% right, 1 100% left , 1 100% right
1 bass track centered
1 drum machine track centered
1 main vocal track with some 2nd track fill-ins

The guitars are all done with my V-Amp Pro. 2 tracks with the Off-Axis Cabinet and 2 tracks with the Vintage 78 Cabinet. I also used the V-Amp Pro to record the bass track as well.

Any and all comments are more than welcome good and/or bad. Any questions please ask.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to listen and comment!!!

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